Parumala Thirumeni (Patron Saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church) visits Karthalil Kandathil House

The incident of the 'Parumala Thirumeni' the patron saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church visiting the Karthalil house (at Kuttoor, Tiruvalla) is best described in the publication "A tribute in his death Centennial year" brought out by the Kandathil family in 1996 on "Eapen Mappillai" — Founder of the Karthalil branch of the Kandathil family (1816-1896). 

The relevant portion is given below :

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.... and prayer was Eapachen's guiding principle. He led his family in prayer every morning and evening and never missed reciting even the midnight "yaamams" prescribed by our Church. And the story goes that one night, while Parumala Thirumeni was passing by the Karthalil "Kadavu" in his "Vallam," the Thirumeni's boat-man ran out of oil. Naturally they docked at Eapachen's house and the boatman left for a refill. After a long wait with no sign of his boatman, the Thirumeni himself set off for Eapachen's house.  

On reaching there Thirumeni found Eapachen deep in prayer and his penitant boatman who didn't want to disturb Eapachen's prayers. The Thirumeni was so moved by this sight that he waited for Eapachen to finish and then blessed him saying "May your lamp always burn bright." And it does, to this very day — through his progeny who have walked in his path and achieved extraordinary success. Later Parumala Thirumeni, wholed the mourners at Eapachen's funeral narrated the above mentioned incident and extolled the gathering to emulate the saintly patriarch's example.