Glimpses of Kandathil Family History & Pre-independent Travancore

This book comes with a Foreword by the late K.M.Mathew, Chief Editor of the Malayala Manorama.

The story, autobiographical in nature of the late K.M.Eapen, M.A., B.L., (Kuttoor Pappachen), takes the reader on a fast journey into the fascinating Kandathil Family Story and Historical insights into the pre-independent Travancore — an erstwhile Princely state at the southern tip of India.

Kandathil - a 200 years old family (227 to be precise) burst upon the Malayalam speaking Southern India State — mainly through the achievements of the family's foremost son - K.C. Varghese Mappillai or Kandathil Verghese Mappillai. His genius left an everlasting imprint across various fields like the Malayalam language, Malayalam Newspaper (Malayala Manorama) and Education (school exclusively for education of girls).

The First Public Limited Company to be started by a native in the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore was the "Malayala, Manorama Ltd" founded by Kandathil Verghese Mappillai in 1888. His nephew K.C.Mammen Mappillai raised the paper even to much greater heights. The second Public Limited Company to be started in 1892 was none other than the "Kandathil Kudumbayogam Ltd" (Kandathil Family Conference Ltd) Itn‘t that something - to think of institutionalising a family conference in 1892, some 125 years ago?

The reader is afforded glimpses into the freedom struggle of the pre-independent Travancore. The story of freedom struggle in Travancore is quite different from that of India. While India was trying to overthrow the British, Travancore freedom fighters had to contend with not only British and also with the Diwan of Travancore who was trying to carve out an independent Travancore State out of India. There are many exciting incidents relating to that period which is now becoming almost ancient history. The book obviously gives an opportunity to the reader to catch up with some of the epochal history of "Travancore" - a name that may even be soon forgotten. 

K.M.Mathew in his foreword, among other things, says "This book has a wealth of information about the Kandathil Family, which should be engrossing the members who are keen on tracing their roots and learning more about their ancestors. I have no doubt that the book is an asset to the Kandathil family".

An unique feature – both English and Malayalam versions are in the samebook..!

Two editions of this book are available:

  • For the general reader – a general edition atRs.60/- 
  • For Kandathil family members and enthusiasts– a Kandathil Edition (with the family chart upto the fifth generation with a unique numbering system) at Rs.90/- 


An Introduction to Family Chart

Many Kandathil members, particularly, the youngsters are at a loss if you ask them about their roots in the Kandathil family. It is just not enough to know that you are a member of the Kandathil family, but you ought to be able to explain atleast your roots or lineage within the family. When two young members of Kandathil family meet, the inability to explain their roots or understand the other person's relationship can be sometimes embarrassing. Usually, both will explain away their ignorance by saying that it is not possible to understand relationships within such a large family. 

It need not be so. What is attempted in this book is to provide the lineage chart upto 5th generations. Frankly, going beyond the 5th generation would have been too arduous a task and I did not feel upto it. Besides keeping it upto only the 5th generation had another advantage. It is simpler for understanding. Every living person's father or grandfather is bound to be in one of the charts in this book and hence identifying one's roots should be easy enough.